Why Choose Casey Family Law?

At Casey Family Law we find that too frequently, the divorce process resembles a long hospital stay: endless waiting, unknown next steps, infrequent/sporadic interactions with those in charge, and always ending with an expensive bill.

Likewise, most divorces seem to shuffle from one hearing to another. Many attorneys fail to lay out next steps or an overall strategic direction. Law firms can be unresponsive and non-communicative until a critical moment arises. And of course, fees can approach that of a major hospital stay. A divorce does not have to be like this.

We founded Casey Family Law with core values to avoid this experience for divorces and other family law matters. 

We promise to be Responsive, Strategic, Efficient, & Compassionate.

Responsive: Clients deserve timely responses to inquiries and an effective outcome requires consistent interaction between the client and attorney.

Strategic: We will assess with you the strength and weaknesses of your situation, map out likely outcomes and scenarios, recommend appropriate negotiation positioning, and devise an overall strategic plan.

Efficient: Fees are not determined by hourly rates alone, but rather a combination of hourly rates and the efficiency of the attorney. Whether it is our use of streamlined structure, technology or our desire to move the case along by avoiding inconsequential issues, we will advance your case in an efficient manner.

Compassionate: We understand the trauma of divorce and the anxiety it creates for clients and dependents. We understand lives are at stake and act with compassion in our client relationships.

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